What is GDPR and how does it impact marketers?

GDPR. It came, it went and so far, no one received a €20m fine…

But just because the 25 May 2018 is long behind us, that doesn’t mean your responsibilities are behind you too. The ICO make it pretty clear they want data protection and compliance to be an ongoing process, so it’s never too late to read up on how data protection impacts your marketing activity.

In fact, with yet more changes afoot in 2019 when the ePrivacy directive is due to be updated, it’s a good time to understand PECR and how that fits in with GDPR.

As the changes are published, we’ll be working to ensure that our clients know what it means for their marketing and we’ll be updating our own content to reflect that.

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Are marketers data processors or controllers under GDPR? March 26, 2018

Are marketers data processors or controllers under GDPR?

We understand that some marketers are unsure about who controls and accesses data and who is responsible for ensuring data compliance. We’ve got your back though!

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