Websites through the ages

Do you remember what it was like to browse the web in 1998? Or what websites looked like? What about 2008? That was only 10 years ago. The internet has changed so much in the space of 20 years, and how we use it has changed remarkably too. We have gone from designing in simple HTML tables, to the birth of e-commerce, the absolutely necessity that is responsive web pages on a variety of devices, to beautifully intricate and lightweight JavaScript animations.

So let me show you how things used to look!


AOL in 1998/2018

Google in 1999/2018

Amazon in 2001/2018 in 2006/2018

Youtube in 2007/2018

Ebay in 2010/2018

BBC in 2013/2018

ASOS in 2016/2018

The really interesting thing I noticed is how beautiful websites have become. You will no longer find new websites with images missing and blue underlined hyperlinks. Instead, you will see meticulously crafted websites created by designers, developers and content writers.

It’s interesting too, how much we have become immune to the internet changing. I honestly thought eBay still looked like it did in 2008! If websites got worse as they evolved, I think we would notice these changes a lot more, but they normally upgrade for the better. However, I remember when ASOS removed their quick view function and everyone lost their minds. I’m still fuming now…

I’m a big fan of moving forwards, which is why when I come across a website that hasn’t been updated in 15 years, I always wonder; why? Is it not necessary for businesses to keep ahead of the curve? Or is it a fear of change? In the past five years we have seen an increase in instant booking tools, quick payment options like PayPal and Apple Pay and the invention of real-time chatbots, so customers can get an instant response without having to wait for a reply or pick up the phone. With all of these technological developments in mind, why you wouldn’t update your site to give yourself the best chance at securing leads or making sales baffles me!

Websites need to change with the times, if yours needs an upgrade, please get in touch, we would be more than happy to have a look at it.

By Jess Reid