Teletrac Navman – Content Marketing

The client: One of the world’s largest fleet management providers, tracking nearly 500,000 vehicles owned by over 40,000 organisations across the globe.

The project: Develop a campaign to position Teletrac Navman as the champions of fleet compliance while promoting their DIRECTOR telematics solution

Disciplines: Design, Copywriting, Content & Social


A customer research survey revealed a much wider than anticipated gap between perceived and actual levels of fleet compliance.

We leveraged Teletrac Navman’s thought leadership position in the industry and in conjunction with FleetCheck, a specialist fleet management consultancy developed the first annual ‘Compliance Checklist’ an online tool to allow fleet managers to see how compliant their fleet really is.

The campaign was launched using PR, earned and paid social media and advertorials in key trade titles. The checklist has proved popular with fleet managers and has given Teletrac Navman a new source of sales leads.