Concept development, scripting, storyboarding and animation were required to bring this project to life and help show the innovation and seriously clever design capability that goes into making the UK’s best small buses.

With truly innovative products and a team that pushes boundaries, Mellor Bus has big plans. Occupying a market leading position and with ambitions for international expansion, the company wanted to shout loud about their wide range of innovative vehicles and their financial stability.

Working through the key messages Management and the Marketing team wanted to convey, we concluded that a timeline was the right format for the animation, topped and tailed with their heritage and future development plans.

Fresh from a rebrand and with no precedent from existing style, we had free reign to bring the story to life. Scripting, storyboarding and animation all had to be completed in a tight time frame to allow the company to show off their new animated corporate video at Bus World Europe, a major expo held in Brussels.

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