A focussed B2B content development project that helps piece together the compelling reasons why vehicle tracking is a positive for a modern fleet of vehicles. Design, animation, sharp copy and web development all featured in producing stand out content.

One of the world’s largest fleet management providers, Teletrac Navman track nearly 500,000 vehicles owned by over 40,000 organisations across the globe. But the telematics industry is fiercely competitive and to stand out as premium provider means great content that does more than just entertain – it has to be useful.

For a B2B content development project such as this, every piece produced has to play a part in making Teletrac Navman the right choice for fleet managers. Focussing on a key area at a time we worked with the UK marketing team to create materials that helped build a picture.

Starting with a customer research survey, it was revealed that a much wider than anticipated gap between perceived and actual levels of fleet compliance existed amongst fleet managers.

Armed with that knowledge, we leveraged Teletrac Navman’s prominence in the industry to create the first annual ‘Compliance Checklist’ – an online tool to allow fleet managers to see how compliant their fleet really is.

We followed that up with a parallax slider microsite dedicated to fleet visibility with animations, video and which makes use of existing content presented in a completely focussed way.

We also developed an interactive infographic telling the story of the ROI on fleet safety.

Workshop Marketing have been instrumental in helping us develop our Content Strategy in the UK. As a Marketing team we are constantly looking for ways to innovate and modernize our content, so building out a complete strategy plan with Workshop allowed us the perfect opportunity to do that. Peter Millichap, Marketing Director, Teletrac Navman

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