Creation of a suite of materials, collateral and assets to help launch a new disruptive entrant in the rigid world of Singapore’s corporate insurance market.

Redray is an entrepreneurial startup formed by Asia-Pacific insurance market experts. Having spotted a huge opportunity to disrupt the insurance distribution market in Singapore and the wider ASEAN region, the team needed help, and quickly.

Poised to make their mark on the Singapore market, the RedRay team needed a B2B design agency to bring their brand to life across assets, collateral, presentations and exhibition materials.

We were tasked to write and design brochures for print and online variants along with banner stands and pop up exhibition panels. While the company was new and fresh, it was important that the design reflected both the new and traditional symbolism and culture of the region.

To achieve this we created a series of hero shots, which blended a culturally significant landmark or scene with a contrasting cultural counterpoint.

The effect provided a great library of images that not only blended new and old, but also allowed us to move away from typically corporate ‘insurance’ style stock photos, further helping to position RedRay as genuine disruptors.

The Workshop team could not have been better! The attention to detail, the ideas, the advice and the punctuality all resulted in our end product being produced fast and was EXACTLY what we were after. Christopher Rummery, CEO, RedRay Insurance

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