B2B social media idea generation to help boost audience engagement. A structured approach to persona development, analysis of suitable topics and type of content likely to resonate meant really creative output and a 300% increase in engagement.

One of the world’s largest fleet management providers, Teletrac Navman track nearly 500,000 vehicles owned by over 40,000 organisations across the globe. The UK marketing team came to Workshop with a simple request – to increase engagement among their social channels.

We worked with the team to segment their audience and create personas from which we developed content pillars and themes that would resonate with the clearly defined audiences.

The next step was to evaluate what kind of social content actually works for this industry. We reviewed Teletrac Navman’s own content and analysed key competitors to identify relevant patterns and missed opportunities.

With a framework of audience personas, themes and type of content likely to hit the mark, we set about some serious B2B social media idea generation. Content output included surveys, mini case studies, product demo animations, competitions, memes, quizzes and puzzles.

Over the course of the project, engagement increased by 300% and the assets were also localised for use in other territories.

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