Prophix develop clever software. It integrates with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to offer real-time data insight and makes collaboration a cinch. Both essential facets in the push for digitalisation and Industry 4.0.

But Prophix came to us with a challenge… How to stop finance professionals relying so heavily on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for forecasting, planning and reporting and to switch to Prophix instead.

Prophix_MultiScreen Retro

So we ran a planning session to better understand why Prophix is so helpful. And it really is…it saves time, it saves money, it saves inordinate amounts of resource and it minimises room for error. (And believe it or not, companies have actually gone bust thanks to simple errors made in Excel spreadsheets…)

But Excel is still hugely popular and the ‘go to’ option. So rather than focus on the practical application of Prophix to solve problems. We took a more creative approach and instead focussed on the fact that MS Excel is 35 years old, with the campaign platform ‘Let go of the 80’s Retro…’


We aligned Excel with other 80’s fashions; the beat box, mobile phones the size of a house brick and floppy disks and developed collateral for Prophix’ to deliver. A landing page, video, infographic and emails were produced using the Retro brand.

We recently worked with Helen and her team on a joint Prophix & Sage campaign. Their professionalism shone through right from the start. Taking just a verbal brief from us on the value proposition, they immediately 'got it', and came back with a thorough and well thought out creative brief, then followed it with a fun and full of personality campaign creative! They were responsive and easy to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with these guys again. Karen Holm, UK Marketing Manager