Concept development and implementation of a tech B2B campaign focussing on commercial cyber security products and services. Dubbed the Security Surgery, the campaign utilises HubSpot automation to track engagement across email, content, advertising and social.

Part of the AIM listed K3 Business Technologies Group, K3 Cloud, Hosted and Managed Services tasked Workshop to deliver a tech focused B2B campaign to generate leads for their cybersecurity products and services.

At the core of the campaign was an online hub which needed to integrate with HubSpot’s marketing automation suite, exist within a wider website but still maintain a distinct visual identity.

Audience segmentation identified three broad groups with a stake in cybersecurity; IT, HR & Finance. Research found that compelling, useful and easy to access content was in high demand particularly for the non-IT audience.

We developed a suite of engaging, informative and shareable pieces including infographics, videos and checklists and used a combination of PR, paid search, social and email marketing automation to drive traffic.

Thanks to the visibility provided by HubSpot, when content was downloaded, prospects were added to lead nurturing workflows or where appropriate, the Sales team were able to rapidly follow up with one to one calls.

From their campaign strategy to the look and feel of the Security Surgery, Workshop delivered. It’s a high tech B2B campaign that hit the nail on the head in terms of delivering leads. Stuart Buckley, Sales Director, K3 Cloud, Hosted and Managed Services

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