Should I launch my B2B campaign in August?

This is a question our clients ask every year. After the time, effort and budget put into developing a campaign, should you launch in silly season or wait until everyone is back at their desks in September, with that new term feeling?

While, on the face of it, it might seem like an obvious no, there are a few factors worth considering that might mean you’ve already made headway come September.

Be mindful of the Covid effect

The way many organisations work has changed beyond all recognition. Whereas in the distant past, we might have put our out-of-office on and swanned off for two weeks in the sun, things are a little more flexible now. Remote working practices mean that holidays can be fluid, and let’s face it, who wants to come back to an overflowing inbox?

Peter Green of our telemarketing partner Bollin Green has seen little difference in success during August.

B2B Campaign - Bollin Green

Carefully choose a campaign format

Are you launching a high-intensity campaign targeting quick leads? Or are you taking a longer-term view with a lead nurture campaign, designed to move prospects down the sales funnel? The format of your campaign will have a massive impact on its success.

While staff absences might mean that important decisions are not made in August, fewer meetings could allow prospects to research and gather information ready for when Senior leaders are back in the office and making decisions again. This is where great content can have a huge impact – answering questions, addressing pain points and keeping you front of mind for the next stage in the buying cycle.

Consider your marketing channels

From email to PR to webinars and print advertising – we’ve been there, done that. And in our experience, there are so many variables that work for some and not for others. For example, although we’ve found it harder to get prospects to commit to events during summer, they have been more open to research – i.e., reading and engaging with content.


If you’re thinking about launching a campaign and need an experienced, creative partner to work with then please get in touch. We’ve (too!) many years of experience working for B2B organisations to generate leads and drive sales. And we’ve also got the insight and tenacity to see a campaign through and ensure it’s a success, whether in August or any other time of the year.

By Helen Walker