How to go eco with your promotional products

The internet is full of insightful articles about doing our bit to help the planet. Ditching plastic straws, using a reusable cup for your caffeine fix or waving goodbye to beauty products containing microbeads are just three small, meaningful choices we are making in a bid to be eco-friendlier.

However, being mindful can be easier said than done. Our continual consumption of wasteful or planet-damaging products and services is largely ingrained in our day-to-day lives and the world around us. A positive is that consumers often find that making small changes comes with welcome benefits such as cost savings and waste reduction. But have you thought about how little switches can help business, too?

Promotional products are a staple for many businesses and essential to the success of events or building relationships with customers. Unfortunately, though, they tend to result in an awful lot of waste or are manufactured from plastics. But there are plenty of ways to get your brand out there, engage with customers and reduce your landfill footprint, too. A win for sales and the earth!  


  1. Hydrate, Keep, Hydrate again!

Branded water bottles are always a promotional hit, especially at events packed with parched visitors battling a long day. The recipient becomes your walking advert and is more likely to positively recall your name. High quality, reusable water bottles are the perfect way to give thought to your brand, prospect and the planet in one easy promotional drop. The very nature of reusable water bottles means that you’ll stay closer to your prospect and for much longer. They’ll be reminded of your company as they take your bottle to work, the gym, long journeys – anywhere! And you’ll also get kudos for being eco-friendly, too.


  1. Leave the food to the pros!

‘Oh, this tastes amazing!’ isn’t the usual reaction from somebody taking a bite out of a mass-ordered, promotional chocolate bar (except for specialist chocolatiers). The plastic wrapper encasing it is also likely to land in the nearest general waste bin, too. Keep food on the menu but leave your customer with more than a questionable aftertaste instead with reusable, eco-friendly branded cutlery!

Events (or when running a busy schedule) leaves people hungry and they commonly make a pit-stop at the nearest food court or high street chain to refuel. Except now your brand will be right there as an alternative to the plastic knives and forks littering the checkout. Hopefully you’ll be associated with a delicious meal as well as a brand that cares.


  1. TOTEs agree

Tote bags are a great reusable product, which can go further than you might think! A lot of tat is given away at exhibitions, and people are always looking for something to carry it. If the recipient reuses the bag in their day-to-day travels, it has the potential to reach ideal customers and expose them to your name. Your company can become known for going the extra mile for the environment, whilst your bags go on for miles and miles!


  1. Valuables not trash.

A product that looks (and is) cheap, will have little value to the recipient. As such your prospect or customer won’t think twice about throwing a promotional item in the trash because it simply doesn’t add value, put a smile on their face or make their life better. If you’re able to do so, invest in higher quality items that will stand the test of time or have a unique or relevant use. Before you know it, your brand will be intrinsically linked with every day or positive experiences and you’ll be top of mind should the prospect have a requirement for your products or services.

People will be less inclined to discard the best-writing pen they’ve used in years or a durable shopper that puts the supermarket offering to shame, for example. I personally still have a mug from a Thai restaurant promotion (given to the most loyal customers, no shame), just because its just the right size and feels high quality!


Small steps lead to big changes with more than one winner. If you’re ready to head in a greener direction and reap the engagement and potential sales rewards of eco-friendly promotional items (whilst easing your conscious), get in touch with Workshop today. We design and source a wide range of creative, quality reusable promotional items tailored to your strategy.

By Clare McCahery