Reality over Romance: which wins in Valentines Ads?

Many still consider the traditional gifts for Valentines Day to be chocolates, jewellery and flowers. Last year, 2.2 million Brits spent £86 million on such gifts for their partner. So why are there hardly any memorable adverts for brands such as Pandora or Thornton’s? Perhaps because, they don’t need to campaign anymore, as people will buy from them out of tradition.

This however, left a gap in the market, and brands who had nothing to do with romance quickly filled it. We don’t mind however, as they made sure to do it in good humour. Products for everyday use from brands such as Ikea and Vodafone used reality to poke fun at Valentines and entertain us all. Here we’ve got our top 3 adverts from companies which turned the mundane into romance!  

  1. Ikea

Making self-building furniture relate to the day of love may have seemed a far stretch at first. Ikea pulled it off with some tongue in cheek ads displaying some of their products. From chairs straddling each other to a free offer for a baby cot, they were eye-grabbing and successful in creating some Valentines fun.

2. Vodafone

This Valentines Day ad related to both the company’s business and kept up with the more modern ways of declaring your love. Physical cards and dates could become a thing of the past now that we can PayPal our affections to one another!

3. Heineken

Simple and effective, Heineken showed that those without a diamond ring on Valentines Day can have the next best thing, a beer!

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By Clare McCahery