Top Most Googled Questions on GDPR – Answered!


If you’re a marketer, and still unsure of your GDPR compliance requirements, look no further than our video with Toby Walker, Managing Director of Workshop Marketing as he answers some of the top most googled questions about GDPR. From giving insight regarding cookie banners to understanding the difference between GDPR and PECR, this video can help you navigate these regulations to make sure you are doing things right.

Toby Walker is a proven expert in GDPR compliance, having written and published the GDPR eBook for marketers. The importance of GDPR compliance is at an all time high, with some high profile businesses found lacking in the past year. Don’t let this be the case for you and your business. Find out the answers to the following top searched questions.

Question 1 – Do I need a cookie banner on my website?

Question 2 – Can I make cold sales calls?

Question 3 – Can I still send sales emails?

Question 4 – Am I a data processor or a data controller?

Question 5 – What about PECR?

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By Toby Walker