Development of brand identity and website for a global player in the physical security sector. As a group of complementary businesses within the sector, HS Security needed a cohesive presence to open up new markets and position themselves ready for global growth.

Part of Hill & Smith, HS Security is a group of seven companies, operating in the physical security sector. They approached us to create a brand identity and website for HS Security -the brand name under which the seven businesses sit. All the individual businesses have a solid reputation in their field, but collectively are able to offer a complete end-to-end service in the global, physical security market.

We ran a session with stakeholders from each of the businesses to determine common threads in their ethos and personality and objectives for the new identity. We also ran a session to determine the goals and user journey for the website, drilling down into the target audience personas.

Hs Security Logo

The site itself features a large number of products alongside highly technical content, designed to provide specifiers of physical security features a one stop shop. HS wanted to showcase the product range but limit access to the full technical specification of the products to registered site users that work in the security sector.

We developed the site to function as a full product catalogue with a registration and login function to provide the site administrators control over visitor access. Once logged in, visitors can then download technical datasheets as individual documents or add them to a custom ‘download basket’ to allow for multiple documents to be downloaded in one hit.


Workshop worked alongside the HS Security Team to deliver a brand design and messaging which perfectly translated our core values and expertise. The team then underpinned this ethos and offering into a fantastic website which achieved the ultimate goal of being simple and user friendly, gaining many compliments from our client base! Lucy Ketley, Marketing Manager ATG Access and HS Security Communications Lead


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