Creation of an integrated campaign for a B2B technology client. The campaign allowed K3 to uplift their audience, provoke a lasting positive brand response and fill their pipeline with an incredible 405 qualified leads in 3 weeks.

The campaign, titled “10 Days of Productivity and Positivity”, aimed to boost a dreary January while positioning K3 as the ideal partner for productivity IT. Our objective was to open up conversations with prospects through giveaways and educational, energising, product-focused digital content.

A landing page was the mechanism for competition entry and unlocking content. A prize a day was given away, and on entry into the competition, each entrant received an email containing that day’s productivity asset, a series of 10 pieces that each focused on a different area of improving productivity.

The campaign was powered by marketing automation. We deployed integrated workflows for daily competition emails, asset delivery, selecting and informing winners, unveiling new prizes, webinar promotion, and registrant management, plus behavioural workflows determined by campaign interactions.

Matching the UK’s lockdown mood was a key challenge. K3 wanted to seize market opportunity for remote working and cybersecurity products and do so with integrity and sincerity. Getting copy direction spot-on was critical. So, we formulated a clear, genuine, and empathetic tone of voice which when supported by social proof and helpful content was highly effective in engaging prospects with K3’s offering.

The campaign featured 10 useful B2B productivity resources as downloads.

This campaign was a breath of fresh air in the marketplace and created a real buzz among customers and prospects. Workshop’s creative and strategic thinking and technical know-how succeeded in boosting our pipeline and growing our audience. It set our year off to a great start! Stuart Buckley, Sales Director

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