5 lessons I learnt in my first year at a marketing agency

October 2019 marks my 1 year anniversary since starting my marketing career here at Workshop Marketing. Filled with social media calender’s, brainstorm meetings and plenty of office cake, it’s certainly been a year unlike any other. The time has gone scarily quickly but it’s as good a time as any to reflect on what I’ve learnt in the past year! 

1. Social media is only one bolt of a massive machine

What I understood of the term ‘digital marketing’ when I started my career with no marketing degree was that it was promoting brands digitally, so it must mostly be to do with social media. I was of course, very wrong. Social media is a competitive field and though a good social media feed looks good, making it part of a total integrated strategy with email marketing and posting good website content is how it works in business!

2. The difference between B2C and B2B

Again another slightly embarrassing gap in my knowledge, but I’ve been very much exposed to the world of B2B, when before all I was ever targeted for in marketing was online clothes shopping and cheap student deals! Now I see that marketing isn’t all about pushing new energy drinks that no one needs, and there’s something a lot more fulfilling about helping businesses achieve success promoting a product they’ve worked hard to create and can help businesses across the country. Plus, businesspeople are consumers too so we can still be creative and engaging.

3. A 2-minute video is a 2 week job

I’ve always been interested in video-making as part of my career, but till joining Workshop my work was little sketches and vlogs. Creating video content to a professional standard required me to push the effort up a notch and make a million mistakes in the process. Shooting a green screen explainer video might sound simple, but adding in light batteries, speakers learning lines, taking out background noise and getting the clients final approval means it takes much, much longer! It’s all worth it in the end though, and I’ll learn more skills with each video.

4. Having an attention for detail is crucial

At University, if you made a typo in your essays, it was only you who suffered the consequences. Being responsible for other companies’ content means that you need to read, check, read, and check again. I’m still learning, but now I know that no matter how eye-catching your copy is, a small error will catch the eye even more of a potential prospect.

5. Working in an agency is a pretty great grad job

Whenever someone asks me what I’m doing now after graduation, I’m happy to tell them I work in an agency. Getting to utilise creativity in a closely-knit team whilst also being exposed to lots of big companies in all sorts of sectors is a pretty great way to kick off my marketing career. I’d recommend the career to anyone who wants lots of inventive variation and fulfillment in their role, as I’ve certainly found it here!


By Clare McCahery