The Illustrated London News, May 15th 1937


As keepers of the book room at an Oxfam shop in North Yorkshire, my parents unearth some fascinating finds in and amongst the multiple copies of Lee Child and John Grisham.

One such blast from the past was a copy of The Illustrated London News from 1937 – the year of King George’s coronation. For an appropriate donation to Oxfam, we were able to take ownership, and the insight it gives into a past time, particularly through the advertising, is fabulous.

Here are a few of our favourites.

London News

1. Cow and Gate

The influencers of the 30s, Royal babies! 


2. Johnnie Walker

A lesson in Georgian bicycles and a wonderful illustration

3. Austin Reed

Suits you Sir! Ready for anything in half an hour with a splendid tone of voice!

Austin Reed ads

4. Marshall & Seagrove

Order your gown while puffing on a cigarette…

Marshall Seagrove ads

5. Booth’s Dry Gin

What more do we need to say, than look at that metallic print!?

Booths dry gin ads

6. Humber

The simplicity of the headline, and the polite request to send a brochure

Humber ads



By Toby Walker