Way Back When – Cat vs Printer 2008

The internet has given the world some incredible and even life-changing products, services and technologies. But it has also given us memes.

Many, if not most, are terrible. But some are almost an art form. And of the very popular ones, cats feature heavily. Scholars have argued that the popularity of cat memes is much deeper than simply laughing at a grumpy cat and that our physical connection with our pets transcends the physical/digital world barriers.

Hmmm…possibly. All I really know is that the best cat memes are the ones that make you laugh out loud.

Back in 2008, Cat vs printer featured a cantankerous puss getting frustrated with a ‘f***ing Lexmark’ Printer. It was funny then and it still is now.

Thank you the gods of the internet for all you have given us, but thanks in particular for Cat memes.


By Toby Walker