Top Most Googled Questions on SEO

Our Top Most Googled Questions series continues with our Digital Project Manager, Jack Hawkins, answering the top questions on SEO!

If you’re a marketer and have asked the following questions yourself, Workshop is here to help your website achieve its maximum potential. This 5 minute video covers topics such as the link between SEO and PPC, whether or not SEO works for small businesses, and how much time it will take for your website to reach it’s correct place in Google rankings. 

Jack Hawkins is an expert in SEO here at Workshop Marketing, from contributing to Databox’s ‘Best Free SEO Tools’, to writing blogs on ‘How SEO can be done in the easiest way’ and ‘How to give your business a Google rankings boost‘, he’s got this vital component of digital marketing covered for you!

Question 1 – What should my keywords be?

Question 2 – Does SEO cost money?

Question 3 – Does SEO work for small businesses?

Question 4 – Why does SEO take time?

Question 5 – How does SEO affect PPC?


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By Jack Hawkins