Should B2B branding be more emotional?

When you think of traditional B2B branding services, a few words might enter your thoughts: direct; to the point; dare we say it – boring! B2B businesses can have a tendency to err on the side of caution when it comes to their branding, putting forward a direct pitch that focuses on the logical benefits of their product or service.

We aim to tell your story the way it deserves to be told – with some feeling behind it. Backed by research into your products and services and after finding out what makes your company tick, we’ll create a brand that tugs on the emotion of your buyers, your employees, and everyone that comes across your brand.

It’s important to distil the keys bits into something instantly recognisable, something that says who you are, what you do, and most importantly, how you do it. Your brand should tell your story before you even have to open your mouth – and at Workshop, we can help you do just that.


What should good B2B branding do?

B2B branding – while having different methods – should focus on the same basic principles that B2C marketing does, and should always:

  • Be memorable
  • Build an instant connection with customers
  • Tell your audience a story – with a focus on the why, not the what

Remember: B2B buyers are people too! Keeping your branding emotional and giving buyers a way to connect with your business will create a much better connection between you and the people that matter.

An emotive brand story and brand identity gives your business credibility with the client, and rather than coming across as unserious – a major concern that B2B brands might have had in the past – telling a story that your customers can connect with shows that you understand their needs and can be trusted.


The trend of emotive B2B branding

In recent years, some of the biggest B2B companies have learnt from their B2C arms and undergone rebrands to strike a much more emotive tone.

Starling Bank

A prime example of a large B2B company learning from B2C strategies is Starling Bank, which unleashed its “Set Yourself Free” business-to-consumer campaign alongside a “Set Your Business Free” campaign aimed at businesses. Starling used its experience in the B2C sphere to trial a campaign focused on emotions, and from there took the same principles to its B2B branding.


Sage took a playful approach to their rebrand, highlighting the people that use their products rather than the typical business uses. Coupled with a cartoonish advertising campaign, Sage worked to dispel the view of their industry as “stuffy” and instead highlighted the playful and approachable people at the heart of businesses.


Both of these brand campaigns distil the most important elements of B2C branding down and use them for overall B2B branding. The subconscious emotions that Starling’s “Set Yourself Free” campaign plays with are the same emotions used by the “Set Your Business Free”; through branding and campaigns, Starling and Sage both position themselves as innovative disruptors, staffed with real people who understand the concerns people have and offer a solution provided by a company that “just gets it”.


Our branding agency services

As one of the leading B2B branding agencies in Manchester, we’ve worked on a few rebrands that bring people back to the forefront of B2B companies.



One of the core ideas that we wanted to bring to the NexSys rebrand was to position the people at the forefront. Bringing nature into the heart of a tech company’s branding was a bold choice, but one that paid off, demonstrating the deep roots that the NexSys team have in the tech space.

We worked with their team to understand where they wanted to be, how they wanted to position themselves, and what they wanted customers, clients, and employees to think of when they thought of NexSys.
View the case study here.


ATG Access

At ATG Access, we were working with a company with prestige and a reputation in their industry, so we knew that we had to get the positioning just right. We spent time investigating what ATG means to everyone involved, and when we’d finished, we got an understanding of the real passion and feeling that people had within the business.

We brought that passion through the whole branding, taking the professionalism and expertise that ATG Access brings to the table and giving them a clean, modern look that suits their positioning.
View ATG Access’ case study here.


How Workshop brings the emotion back into B2B branding

At Workshop, we do the things that set us apart from other B2B branding agency services – we put the time in with an in-depth discovery process to leave no stone unturned. We’ll work with you and your team, finding out what makes your company unique before telling that story to your clients through everything that you do.

We organise workshops with key stakeholders, from employees to clients to find out what your positioning is in your industry at the minute, and then we’ll work out how to get to where you want to be. We take a completely bespoke approach to our B2B branding services, making sure that we inject the right amount of emotion into each brand or campaign that we develop.

If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team, we want to help you show off your best side to the world! Check out some of our latest case studies for some great branding projects.

By Toby Walker