The importance of a good brief

We’ve had a new starter this week at Workshop (Welcome to the team Richard!). As part of the induction process for all new starters, as you’d expect, we talk them through all of our processes, documents and all the dull stuff! It sparked a really interesting conversation though. With an MA in marketing, Richard is completely fresh to the agency world, but fascinated by how we turn insight into killer creative (a planner in the making!).

We talked about the importance of a good brief, and how as an account handler its your input to the creative process. Truly great creative generally can only originate from a truly great brief, and we should give our creatives the respect they deserve by making sure that our briefs are spot on. It reminded me of an analogy that I came across years ago, about the brief for the Sistine Chapel. It’s a really succinct way of summing up why a great brief is key and explains it far better than I ever could…

Click here to download the brief for the Sistine Chapel


By Helen Walker