Way Back When – ASOS

This way back when is all about the old ASOS website which I spent far too much time on during the summer of 2000, when I got my first agency job and my few hundred pounds a month was burning a hole in my pocket. Before its metamorphosis into the eCommerce mecca that it is today, As Seen on Screen was the place to buy anything you coveted from your favourite films and TV programmes. A look at the archive from the 24th August 2000 is a glimpse into the pop culture of the past. Want to dress like Claire Richards from Steps, Elizabeth Hurley or Samantha Mumba? Eminem’s T-shirt anyone? Jordan’s vest? Or how about the shot glasses from Tomorrow Never Dies?!

From such niche beginnings grew www.ASOS.com the global fashion giant with a revenue of £1.9bn in 2017. With it’s intuitive app, user friendly search filtering and dirt cheap premium delivery, 18 years on I am still just as loyal, though these days my tastes are a little more sophisticated than buying a replica of Jordan’s vest!

By Helen Walker