Way Back When – Mr Frosty

This toy was the most yearned for piece of plastic I can remember. Ask anyone over the age of 30 and I am sure they will remember hounding their parents for one of these, thrusting a dog eared Argos catalogue under their noses and begging! In most cases, to no avail. As a parent now myself, I completely understand why there were only one or two lucky children in each class who found one of these under the Christmas tree!

It was a marketing master stroke and disaster in one product. The most coveted toy by kids and the most reviled piece of tat by their parents, only bought where pester power truly won out (or by kind relatives who wouldn’t have to manage the clean up).

Have you guessed what it it yet? A small part of me still yearns for one, I’m sure it would make a cracking daiquiri.



By Helen Walker