Way Back When – Lilt

Lilt, Pineapple and Grapefruit combined to create the Totally Tropical Taste. Since it was launched in 1975, Lilt has stuck to it’s guns on this claim – but I suspect that has less to do with the actual flavour and more to do with British susceptibility.

After all, three utterly foul flavours (also totally tropical) were introduced and subsequently dropped; Banana and Peach, Mango and the utterly insane Mandarin AND mango. But the cloudy concoction of pineapple and grapefruit endured and is somehow reminiscent of sunny days.

And when you factor in a random assortment of beach scene adverts from the mid 70’s onwards depicting limbo dance parties, Lilt being delivered from a milk float and other suitable beach-based celebrations, you’ve got more than enough to convince the British public that you’re not sat at home on your sofa, it’s not actually 12 degrees and it’s not throwing it down outside.

So forget summer, just have a Lilt watching this ad instead:

By Toby Walker