Underrated B2B branding tips we use in our agency

As an experienced B2B branding agency, we wanted to share some of our top tips for businesses looking to rebrand. We discuss how we go about turning your brand into something that reflects the ethos, values, and personality of your business – and the people within it! – and how we ensure your brand has appeal to your target audience.  

These 5 tips for a successful B2B rebrand are crucial for developing a brand that has longevity, stands out and gives your target audience a reason to choose you in a crowded marketplace.

  1. Understanding your target audience
  2. Understanding your positioning
  3. Building your brand on our expertise
  4. Stretching your business
  5. Taking key stakeholders on your journey

When it comes to B2B branding, it can be hard to differentiate between the wealth of branding agency services out there. Who really knows what they’re talking about? What does a good brand actually look like? And how do I know that I’m getting the top-quality B2B branding that I deserve?

Effective branding should express what your brand means to you and take your customers on a journey that they won’t forget quickly.

Here are the 5 simple – but underrated – B2B branding tips that we use when someone asks us to make their brand stand out from the crowd.


1. Understanding the target audience

The first step that any good branding agency will take is to understand your target audience. If your budget stretches to research, we’ll interview your core demographics to determine their buying patterns, pain points, and what you can do to solve them. This is one of the most crucial steps in a rebrand: knowing exactly who you’re selling to and, importantly, knowing exactly why they buy what they buy. 

If your budget doesn’t include extensive research, don’t worry! As a top B2B branding agency, we’ll use the insight we already have, along with input from you and your team, to develop customer personas, enabling you to effectively target the people that matter most in your field. Whatever your budget, we keep our specialist branding agency services open to everyone, and we’ll deliver the results that you need.


2. Understanding your positioning

Once we’ve nailed down who you’re selling to, we need to know what they think of you now. Are you a traditionalist in a tech space? Do you come across as the people-first business in a cut-throat industry? We’ll find out what your positioning is before the rebrand and where you want to be after. Whether you’re the defending champion or the plucky upstart, we’ll work to understand your current positioning before starting the journey to where you want to be.


3. Building your brand on our experience

Something that often gets thrown around when it comes to rebranding is the belief that it’s easy. While the team at Workshop and other B2B branding agency services might make it look that way, in reality, a top-quality rebrand is anything but! Our third tip for a successful B2B rebrand is to trust the professionals. They have the distance from the history of the brand (and sometimes the politics!) to be able to look at the project completely objectively.

While a top in-house marketing professional might deal with two or three rebrands in their career, we work on multiple B2B rebrands a year. When it comes to getting a rebrand right, using a professional B2B branding agency’s experience can make all the difference.


4. Stretching your business

Think big! Whatever stretching your business means to you, a rebrand is the perfect time to do it. When you’re thinking about shaking up your positioning in the industry, choosing a new look that’ll last you years can help you penetrate markets, launch new products, and reach new customers much easier in the future.

We’re here to help you think about how branding fits into your future business plans and how to futureproof the work that goes into getting your rebrand right.


5. Taking key stakeholders on your journey

Make sure that you’re involving the key stakeholders in every step of the process. Getting the key people involved from the start, from employees to suppliers to customers and the senior management team, can help your rebrand feel intuitive and make sure that you hit the ground running as soon as possible,

At Workshop, we’ll get the right people in the room at the right time to ensure that your rebrand has the right impact on everyone involved. Learning what your company means to employees, competitors, and customers and then incorporating that into your rebrand can help create an emotional attachment to your company right from the off. In our experience, involving the SMT from the very start can make the whole process run more smoothly, especially when it comes to sign-off. Ensuring people feel ownership of an exciting new transition of the business means that they will be brand ambassadors from the very start!


As a bonus, we’ll throw in one final tip!

6. Keep pulse-checking your brand

A rebrand isn’t always the end of the journey – after all, you got to the point where you needed one now. Don’t let complacency creep into your branding by resting on your laurels; make sure that you keep on top of your positioning within the market and your target audience by continuing to sense-check your brand. A good B2B branding agency service will show you how to think about branding, letting you know the perfect times to tweak your branding and stay at the top of your game.

Get in touch with the team at Workshop Marketing today to find out more about how to successfully rebrand your B2B business. We’re here to help you get to where you want to be and take your next big step on that journey.

As an expert B2B branding agency, we’ve already helped countless businesses turn their brand into something emotive and meaningful, so you can trust us to get it right for you.

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By Conor Perls